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Corrupting Kayleigh v104

27 March 21

The genre of this game is visual novel. Here you will meet adorable and a little bit naive chick named Kayleigh who has enede up in quite corrupting situation - the party that she was being at was including a lot of people and was going quite ordinary yet once the rich proprietor has arrived the celebration has gone in a downright unique way! The rich guy has promised a good sum of money for each lady who will entertain the crowd by doing something sexy and as you can expect the acts of striptease has happened pretty soon. And once the heat and joy was going up the sexual acts have followed! An inetersting exploration of human nature made in a form of kinky interactive story which you can also affect by perofming important choices at the key points of it!

(+18) Into the Forest Ch.4

2 April 21

This is already 4th chapter from game series titled as"Into The Forest" so in case you have not played former games then you should visit author's website to enjoy them first (and probably on the moment when you reading this 5th is also ready so you should check it anyway). Here our heroes will get closer to not merely exposing the principal secret of mysterious mansion but may be even to solve some of them... but are they ready for something like that? Play the game and you will see. Ofcoruse there will be some adult scenes like were in former parts of the story but when you will figure out some critical moments of the story you might look at them from another angle this time. Or might be thsi is just your imagination? There is only one way to find out!